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Jonathan I. Shaw Sr. has been chosen to lead since his conception.  His ministerial duties began at the tender age of 16 years old. Growing up as a native “Brooklynite” and matriculating through the NYC schools, he has been on Radio shows, Television, off-Broadway shows and many other endeavors making a difference in the lives of everyone he comes in contact with. Jonathan has been across the United States and even internationally with ministry endeavors and community related responsibilities.


Among his numerous awards from a diversity of organizations, senators, mayoral recognition, congressional citations Jonathan Shaw received a dual doctorate degree in ministry and divinity in 2008.


Dr. Jonathan Shaw met his wife, Pastor Sabrina Shaw in 1996 when she was singing for a special ordination service. He wondered who she was, thereafter a mutual friend introduced them and they began to get to know each other better. After talking on the phone for a while they discovered a mutual attraction. They decided to go on their first date to a local Red Robin. It was history from there and Dr. Shaw knew that she would be his wife. On December 5th, 1998 they were wed in holy matrimony.


The consummate family man, Dr. Jonathan and Pastor Sabrina Shaw take much pride and joy in their children. In their own words, “Our oldest son Alonzo, is our make up!  They always say parents are trained by their first child.  Raising him showed us a lot about children and especially ourselves.  Our next child, Shauntae is another gift given to us.  She is the child of our "Choice"!  She is ambitious and a go getter.  As a graduate from Harvard Divinity and pursuing her next degree from Princeton, she is bound to make us happy.  Our baby, my name sake, Jonathan Jr. is the real mccoy!  He is a sports fanatic playing football and basketball in the same season.  He has a great business mind and will one day be a world premier CEO. We would be nothing without our clan.”



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Dr. Jonathan Shaw is a highly sought after, preacher, author and businessman who has been across the United States and internationally with ministry endeavors and community related responsibilities.




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