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The PASHAT Exchange

What is The PASHAT Exchange

In I Samuel 18, we read of a close friendship between Jonathan, the king’s son and David, the next king. Jonathan, being slightly older than David, was next in line to the throne. However, he prepared David in his stead. Verse 4 says Jonathan “stripped” himself of his robe, his garments, his sword, his bow and his girdle, and gave them to David. The word “strip” in Hebrew is PASHAT! It means to take off, spread out and make a road. Each of these items were significant to the kingship that David would one day actualize. It would prepare the roadway for him to properly step into his destiny. Likened unto Jonathan and David, Dr. Jonathan Shaw desires to equip each participant with tools that would prepare them for their inevitable future. Armed with weapons to fight the battles of life, ministry and business, Dr. Shaw will layout plans and offer wisdom to 25 destined individuals. Patterned after the biblical example of Jonathan, Dr. Shaw will strip himself of his resources and furnish them with each participant. Those who have been hand selected, will have access to his wisdom, resources and anointing for nine months. With that kind of exposure, you will be prepared to be great!


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Dr. Jonathan Shaw is a highly sought after, preacher, author and businessman who has been across the United States and internationally with ministry endeavors and community related responsibilities.




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