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JIS Enterprise offers a plethora of services in which we take pride.  From graphic arts to personal empowerment, to repairing the back office of your church, to developing the entrepreneur in you, JIS Enterprise will provide you with personal attention to your projects and endeavors.  We are dedicated to your vision and will do all that is within our power to bring it to pass.  We not only provide services, but we are also resourceful to other service that are outside our organization.

CAC (Crown Advancement Center) - This Non-for profit entity, is created to help individuals advance through adversity.  We assist each client in the challenging areas of their life and show them how to come through victoriously.  We feed, clothe and counsel the needy. CAC touches the lives of our immediate community and abroad.

What makes us different?

The thing that make JIS Enterprise different from other companies is that we provide a one stop shop of our expertise.  You can get it all from here.  One of our motto's are "Before you go there, come here"!  We aim to provide you with adequate and complete service.  In addition, we are developing each day to provide comprehensive service, however our limited overhead permits us to do it all at a very low rate.  At JIS Enterprise you will receive great service at a very low cost!



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Dr. Jonathan Shaw is a highly sought after, preacher, author and businessman who has been across the United States and internationally with ministry endeavors and community related responsibilities.




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